The Great Ace Attorney Mod APK DATA 1.0 Offline Latest Free

The Great Ace Attorney Mod APK DATA Offline Latest Free

The Great Ace Attorney Mod APK 1.0 DATA Offline English

The Great Ace Attorney Mod APK has now had a fan translation released by a fan group called Scarlet Study. With this, you can patch the Japanese version of the game and play the game fully translated in English.

The team has translated both the 3DS and Android versions of the game and, furthermore, are also working on translating the game’s sequel The Great Ace Attorney 2. Download The Great Ace Attorney Mod APK English Version with OBB Data Files.

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Before using the product, make sure to check “Cautions on compatible devices”.
● This application is the same scenario like the one released in the past for home game consoles.


The Great Ace Attorney Mod APK Features:

◆ The large-blown play of Ryuho Naruseo appeared here !! ◆

Ryunosuke who was an ordinary university student experienced various “encounter” and “bye,” He will grow up as a full-time lawyer by standing in court with many defendants.

In addition to the reverse series familiar “Detective part” “Interrogation”, new games such as “Joint Reasoning” approaching the truth of the case with the world’s major detective Sherlock Holmes, “Jury Battle” winning the innocent verdict from the jury, etc. Full

play ! ◆ Easy play

by tap operation ◆ Simple operation by tap, anyone can enjoy easily!
It is also possible to read back the testimony and the story by backlog function !!

Distinctive characters ◆ The main character “Naruho Various characters with unique character appearances including “Dear Ryunosuke” appear in large numbers
! An ancestor of that character who is not addicted to series fans also appears in great numbers! The relationship with Naruhodo is here start from.

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◆ Detective part ◆

Let’s investigate the incident site with reliable friends and collect evidence and testimony.
Mysterious incident also with Holmes “co-reasoning” Let Semaro the truth! In

◆ court Part ◆

the prosecutor to weapons collected evidence goods in the detective part showdown !!
hear in more detail in the testimony of the witness “shaking”, lie Ya Attach evidence to Mujun’s testimony and win the client’s innocence !!


Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.00.01



Install APK, Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.


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